Speaking Topics

Rocky Road: More than ice cream 

My husband calls our family a particular flavor of crazy: Rocky Road.  Together my husband and I got married, had three children within three years, managed an international move, and held our breath through significant job changes all before I was 26.  Our biggest hurdle, however, was yet to come upon learning that our 6 year old had a rare form of kidney cancer.  The ensuing battle through chemo and radiation taught us lessons that we will never forget.  With stories, heartfelt humor and isights, learn how Jesus helps us to thrive on lifes rocky roads (sometimes while eating ice cream).

When Crisis Hits: The do’s and don’t while caring for those you love

Sometimes people just simply don’t know what to say and do for friends who are hurting.  Heck, I’ve even participated in the“foot in mouth” disease.  After being on the recieving end of lots of wonderful help (and some not-so-wonderful) during a cancer journey, I’ve found some helpful ideas.  With practical insights, humor, and stories learn some hands on ways to help those around you in crisis.  

{Retreat} Knowing and Being Known: Moving closer to God and establishing authentic friendships

Designed as a retreat, there are four talks in this series (though each may be given seperately). “The God Who Sees,” walks through the story of Hagar and the way God sees our trials, our circumstances.  “The God Who Knows,” explains God’s unique insights into us, encouraging listeners that God knows us deeply.  “Knowing God” is the third topic, finding delight in the way God truly wants us to know Him and experience Him, even in the dissonance of life’s circumstances.  The retreat finishes with “Effective Fellowship,” exploring the sweet fellowship that can occur between believers - fellowship that is deeper and sweeter when both parties are looking to Jesus to fill the needs that the soul cries out for.

Open Hands: Parenting with faith, not fear

Almost immediately after welcoming a child into the world I found myself equally overjoyed and fiercely protective.  Who can fathom the vulnerability of an infant looking to you (and sometimes crying loudly) for every need?  Rather than finding confidence in my Child Psychology degree, I was parazlized by a million ways I could really mess things up.  Through Biblical teaching, humor, and stories, learn how God sweetly lead me through His Word to release my fears and exbrace faith.  Be encouraged to engage your deep and powerful calling to live a life of contagious faith in your home.

© Rachel Smith 2015